A history nut, I enjoy writing and reading stories with characters who grab your heart and allow you to experience years gone by through their lives and times. I find the American 20th century, with all its social and economic changes, recent enough to be relatable, but still far enough in the past to provide enormously interesting settings for faith-based journeys.

My novel, “Heartstrings,” tells the story of two country musicians whose chance meeting during World War 2 challenges them to find God’s plan in their new relationship – one that expands their hearts and tests their faith.

A graduate of Marquette University who lives in the Chicago suburbs, I indulge my old-fashioned sensibilities with music from the 1940s, my collection of Depression-era glass, trivia games, and movies with historical settings.

Comments? Questions? Contact me at janicelaird.author@gmail.com.

Photo: Pamela Magnuson Photography